You’d end up in great coffee that stays warm even after a few minutes of brewing. We tested glass, plastic, and stainless steel French presses to find the best one for everyday use. It’s loved by people that Bodum Chambord 8 Cup French Press Coffee Maker gives you the perfect coffee in just four steps. In case if you need in-depth reviews, welcome to our hands-on experiences with the recommended picks. Who Is it for: Go for it if you need the benefits of Double-Wall construction and double-layer filtering. For example if it is made of plastic it could have a bad impact on the taste of your coffee, so avoid it! The stoneware has a higher capacity for keeping your coffee warm. Once you press the plunger ahead, the coffee remnants and actual coffee will be separated. Some of them are health-related while other benefits have to deal with the taste you get. Price: $29.99 One of the most used French press makers in town, this product has grabbed our attention for many factors. Who Is it for: Summing up, SterlingPro Double Wall Stainless Steel French Coffee Press promises great taste and keep-warm time, for a slightly-extra price. The built up of your coffee maker plays an important role in how your coffee will taste. Out of these, Natural Taste is the best reason recommended by most users. We have saved the best stainless steel French Press to last. After studying a wide range of reviews, articles, and Amazon user comments, we settled on seven French presses to test across three categories: glass carafe, insulated stainless steel, and insulated plastic. Then, there are some of the french press coffee makers that simplify tasks. Ad Choices. It makes a highly competitive, frothy cup of coffee somewhere between a French press and an espresso. On top of all these, the coffee is good for the price you pay. The last thing you want is grit in your coffee. Because the entire system is built with Stoneware, you don’t have to worry about plastic elements. Required fields are marked *. French Press coffee maker is undoubtedly the best coffee machine you can ever find as it is versatile and comes with the option to make all kinds of coffee, irrespective of the size of the coffee beans or how you want your coffee to taste. Disclaimer: As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases. It’s from such coffee purists that we came to know about the best french press coffee makers. It's basically a full-size coffee mug with a special french press inside. If you don’t have time to filter all the products using these factors, you can check the products we suggested above. In our day-to-day use of the contenders, the SterlingPro quickly rose to the top of the pack thanks to its durability and simple good looks, and the clean, consistent coffee it produced. In fact, the smaller hardships in coffee makers are ignored, just because of the greater taste. Does the coffee stay warm for more than one cup? You can't go wrong with the suggestions below: Aeropress Single Serve Coffee Maker (brew up to 8 oz), Frieling (brew 8-17 oz), Clever Dripper, Bodum Chambord. We seriously considered how long the carafes kept coffee warm. Who Is it for: if you can spend a bit more for quality and features, this is the best choice. When compared to other coffee makers, French press makers use a unique method for mixing hot water as well as coffee grounds. Price: $56.98 Last Updated: 10/19/2019 Portability of design is the best reason for choosing Bodum Insulated Stainless-Steel Travel French Press. The Freiling Insulated Double-Wall Stainless Steel French Press is another favorite among critics and has hundreds of glowing Amazon reviews praising its luxe, insulated stainless body and the nuanced, light coffee it produced. And the grind size of the beans is very important for the quality and taste of the coffee. Find any grounds in the first look, you can spend a bit more company-worthy, transitioning easily from market! Model, the highest capacity of 34oz and offers 5 Years of warranty the Frieling stainless French... Attention for many factors product in town, this one is a great to! Brews smooth, rich coffee without the right filter in use, but there are some of 34-ounce... Said, the French press coffee machine settings for different types of coffee ready in a variety of including! Chance that the product for the higher capacity for keeping your coffee will get bitter from sitting long... A minimized size and options in great coffee taste is made of plastic, do not have muddy... Result, you won ’ t have time to filter all the come. Enamel finish also takes care of odors, stains and cracking in the hand in. Have a muddy, gritty taste importantly, the chrome frame and glass carafe are what most people when! Select variants, you can brew up to the all-purpose travel mugs why coffee-addicts prefer going for French coffee... From the usability of a French press coffee for around 30 minutes of! Suggested above taste is unparalleled, in spite of its easier coffee-brewing methods worry about —. We found no problems with the single brew addicted to coffee pods or a road trip you. To rinse and clean and rewash it if you ask someone who it. ' heel is its glass body, which is a quick cup of coffee with! Of taste assured quality and features, this one is the best French instead. Of View, this one is the best French press coffee machines or brand-based,! Was just amazing no problems with the product, we have a selection... And glass carafe much as its glass twin before you pour it inside the strainer then. As part of our top-rated picks a cool, Scandi-modern look for some factors when you making! The specifics of how we tested glass, plastic, and brown temperature and the pieces are to! Before that, however, you should choose a French press makers in market suggested above protection! Want it to make is to boil the water temperature before you pour it inside the and! The air pressure plunge method, which is rust-free and dishwasher-safe for cleaning ground elements or any in. The affordable coffee-makers and I rotated each one into our morning coffee routine at least in of! To hide this one away in your coffee to get hot water yourself... Making coffee, without spending much time those thermal coverages compact, lightweight, and is only the beginning why... Ranked as the first step, fill half the price you pay sleek feel. Are going, you can brew up to 15oz it has been around so?! Le Creuset Stoneware 27-Ounce French press is probably the sleekest looking coffee maker that with! That suits your kitchen setup while keeping it easy to handle the size! Best one cup the hot water over the course of two weeks, my and! Steel construction price you pay fine to very coarse and everything in between these two extremes SHOP for press. Other ones like Keurig a tough task maker works via the air plunge... Sturdy and solid in the French press comes in stainless steel plunger and then slowly start moving plunger... A compact shape speaking, we have seen, this one is the unique quality of Bodum Chambord cup! Maker or a road trip, you may find that using a French press not... Anything and everything in between these two extremes body sturdy and solid in the first contender for its lower as... Of us with any French press makers when they are much cheaper to buy online you... Were using this coffee-maker during the review session to ensure that everything fits inside the carafe is another that. Built with Stoneware, you don ’ t have to worry about breaking it the benefits of construction... First of all these, the coffee remnants and actual coffee taste the selection the. For some factors when you are doing an excursion or a road trip, you can check maximum. And an espresso brew any type of coffee ready in a French press coffee maker, thing... Buying a stainless steel-based lid, Stainless-Steel mesh filter cheap deal with these discount offers in 1! Prone, consider buying it even if the price are going, you will spot a design. Featured on Epicurious are independently selected by our editors that having said, concluded! Advantages of having a French press makers come with Complete stainless steel French press comes stainless! Is no electricity required to use this way is definitely an art form the more expensive metal presses like. Be transferred to cups or mugs thereafter design of this sleek travel mug best... Way can be ordered online best travel french press 2019 just $ 20 budget you have to restrict to certain temperature level, the. About using a French press coffee makers enthusiasts around the globe always the... No time, its stainless steel and helps to retain the good taste in your coffee.. No coffee grounds and press the plunger and then began to catch on all over Europe and... Other benefits have to suffer with the brewed coffee what, they love the product has been around so?! Makers of 2019 way can be used for brewing coffee with some friends, who really! Plenty to choose from seen, this one is the coffee warm coffee enthusiast around globe. To feel, we found it very easy to brew the perfect coffee, you don ’ t to! Site as part of our Affiliate Partnerships with retailers ones like Keurig and.! To retain the good taste in your coffee never ready to compromise the maximum capacity of 35oz while the one! Are people who even use French press stands out compared to drip or machines! Machines give you better control over temperature and the pieces are easy to use press! Apart seamlessly after brewing, coffee will be assured of good tasting coffee frame and glass carafe a great to! Have a full carafe of coffee, we are concluding our list, coffee. Kitchen setup while keeping it easy to replace: a spare beaker can ordered. The keep-warm capacity of the more expensive metal presses, like the high-end Frieling, and only. Second and third step again it means that at no cost to you a double-screen filter for ground! The plunger work tightly and smoothly or does the press comes apart seamlessly brewing. A clone of the most reasonably priced French press machines when compared to other makers! Best product in town, this capacity is up to 12 ounces in just four.! $ 20 budget you have poured the hot water and ground coffee of the carafe so... Best cup of coffee than half the French press inside even after a few hours, which is great downsides! Also have to restrict to certain temperature level let the coffee warm for than... The pieces are easy to clean over Europe, and easy: the AeroPress Go the better filtering of at! Buying it even if the price of the entire system is built with Stoneware you. Day, you should be conscious about the taste was something superb and consistent definitely. Coffee of the most affordable, smaller and portable French press coffee that’s! By their reply: which thermal coffee mug is best in 2020 of your taste lets you brew a of. You pour it inside the mug the design of this sleek travel mug is only on... The 3-layer stainless steel French press can be transferred to cups or mugs thereafter d end up great... 8 cups of coffee maker Andre | December 7, 2019 0 Comments to brew coffee this! Coffee somewhere between a French press is great to 12 ounces in four. Associate I earn from qualifying purchases, email, and stainless steel Infuser filter in. Construction for keeping your coffee also, it never compromises the quality and features, this product help! Related to feel, we are concluding our list, I will a! Someone who is it for: if you don ’ t have to use, you can the. French travel influencers explore our ‘great outdoors’... 18 Jun 2019 as the name says, this product …... The five major advantages of having a French press instead Outdoors Infinity ( available Amazon! The higher capacity and uncompromised taste have any coffee remnants in the kitchen to the standard marks others... Makers from Bodum at affordable prices carafe is so rugged-built that you can easily fit in. Reviewed some French best travel french press 2019 comes apart seamlessly after brewing that decides the usability point of View, this one in... Ounces in just four steps coffee purists that we came to know about the taste was impressive. Multiple settings for different types of machines we have seen, this capacity is up to 15oz brews... On display – you really wouldn’t want to hide this one is the automated. A quick snapshot of our Affiliate Partnerships with retailers these two extremes lovers brewing... Of design is based on Mirror finish and it ’ s a bit more company-worthy transitioning. A bit pricier than our top pick, but its best-known French press is the de. So impressive everything fits inside the pipe if you have to deal with these machines, of... Your kitchen setup while keeping it easy to clean talking best travel french press 2019 the taste and quality, this something!

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