Stopping and starting the car and turning the radio on and off made no difference. and they assure me 100% that the warranty would be void. Thanks. A week later, I had to replace the battery at a cost to myself of £160 – “a battery can die any time”, said the seller. Hi I bought a MINI Coupé from the car shop 24th September a few things were wrong: an intermittent fan, the display console switching off constantly and a rubbing sound as it’s steered to the left. I booked my car in for diagnostics through my third party warranty company due to a warning message which came up warning of drivetrain error. Hi Simon. All they need to do is say “of course we did, you must have lost them” and how are you going to prove them wrong after all this time? I have a VW transporter, bought new in 2016 from local VW Dealer. Bought it in main dealer. For more information, have a read of our article about rejecting a faulty car. :(. I had a friend who knows about cars and has stated that there is a hole in the exhaust. You should take the car to an independent garage for a second opinion (this will have to be at your expense). I would have expected a car like a Maserati to have lasted longer than this especially at the price tag attached to these cars. As far I as I’m aware, it’s not illegal. Hi Christine. For more information on this, have a read of our article on rejecting a faulty car. They keep saying that it’s parts that are holding it up. Whether you’re looking for a protection plan for a spacious family estate, a classic car or a turbo charged roadster, we have the warranty policies you’re looking for. So I drove it home and of course, it made the noise again. This article was originally written in April 2017, and was updated in April 2019. • Offside Front Suspension arm rubber bush deteriorated resulting in excessive movement (2.4.G.2) They had the car for 2 weeks, returning it just be Christmas. Hi Simon. Car still has 2 years of its manufactures warranty and there is also a 1 year dealers warranty. Hi. I bought a used Vauxhall Astra from 2011 3 weeks ago from a car dealer. Hi I bought a car from a forecourt in December of last year (2018). I bought a second hand car 2 weeks ago and I have become aware of some faults. I bought a car in June 2019 with a 12 month RAC warranty it was immediately apparent that air con wasn’t working, the dealer sent me to a garage which he uses and they regassed it and put a sealant and dye in. Hi Stuart, The RAC eventually arrived early the following day got it started with a charger thing and he plugged in the computer analysis gadget and every thing was fine except for the battery. I’ve recently (April 16th) part exchanged my vehicle with a 2nd hand car dealership. Many thanks. It changed Consumer Law irrevocably and the entire intention of the Act is to protect Consumers against unfair business practices which had become rife. The car is in limp mode with air intake leak fault on intake manifold. Is this covered under warranty? It eventually stopped after 20 mins. The garage told me to get an engine replacement as there was multiole problems (gasket not working, water pump not working, pistons rattling and time chain rattling). This cover will be reasonably extensive, last for twelve months, with realistic claim limits, but it won’t cover parts that fail due to wear and tear and this is where most claims arise. You can also take it to another dealer for a second opinion. Unlike something like GAP insurance which is regulated so would entitle you to a pro rata rebate”. You will find it difficult to prove otherwise, and it’s up to you to prove it. Hi Emma. My daughter bought car from garrage traded her own car against it. Hi I bought a car from a garage for £3700 it was up for £4200 they sold it to me sold as seen and no warranty after 2 weeks the engine ceased is there anything I can do. That sounds expensive for a battery replacement – check around online and with other retailers to see if it’s cheaper elsewhere. LM. The dealer also sold us a £1500 12 month warranty of which he fobs us off saying we don’t need paperwork or we’ve got a warranty in place and not to worry. XC90. The garage said likely to be coil plugs and so they started to replace. The trader then repaired or as a later discovered bodged up the door which was due to something electrical in the central locking. ALSO when release steering wheel car noticably pulls to the right. I called the garage and told them and he asked me to take it to a garage, he also requested I take it to a local garage not Peugeot as it would be too expensive. Being told when I purchased it that the car recently had been serviced and had an MOT I find it suspicious. There’s no provision for a dealer to refund a warranty because you car was stolen, and I’m not sure why you think they should refund you. So i did change oil bit few days later problem got back.then he said to plug it in for diagnostic. I would be very grateful for you advice! Hi Amanda. I am just getting the feeling that they will be reluctant to solve the problem and will just try to annoy me and make some excuse etc. He agreed i acted reasonably, and in doing so, able to advise there was no compression on one cylinder. We got our Caron finance which is now paid off but we put down a large deposit and the salesman said it was the last one left but when we went to collect the car we were told that the car had been sold and he was trying to find another one (End of year sale) so we received a call a few weeks later to say they have managed to find a car but it will take another week to arrive (September 2013/14) number (64) on end of first two letters. He just said that is the best we can do as it’s just a used car. They confirmed it was not safe to drive and supplied me with a courtesy car (after a lot of phone calls and telling me I wasn’t I entitled) well I phone them today and the part is Still on back order. You should have a look at Skoda owners’ forums (or VW, Audi or SEAT forums, since they all use the same engines) to see if there are other owners who have had similar problems. Can you tell me if this is legal? I got a quote from Peugeot and it was £85. I’m a 69year old Guy who looks after my car. I bought a used Nissan Qashqai on the 27th July 2020 from a 2nd hand dealership. Hi Neil. My husband brought a car end of October 2017. Much better to know how it works and what is covered before you have a problem then when you are standing in a garage arguing over who’s paying for your car’s repairs. Sorry to inconvenience you, I hope you can help . Batteries are a wear and tear item, so won’t be covered under warranty – sometimes they will last for years, sometimes only months, depending on how the car has been used (which may have been since you bought it or by the previous owner). I can add, that I haven’t been told about the warranty period, so I thouught that it is a standard 30 days one. The seller has backed up the warranty company that the fault is not covered by the warranty and as the sellers of the policy and car, offer no assistance or resolution even when I suggested a compromise on the cost of repair which was significant, I have not even covered 3,000 miles since my purchase. Any ideas what I can do in this situation? We had some issues fixed, which we paid for personally, as it was less headache. We have been given a courtesy car (Land Rover Discovery Sport) for the duration, this has now been going on for 7 weeks (I was initially advised the work would take 1 week). There may be a specific process for claiming on the warranty; some will require you to get authorisation from the warranty company before proceeding, while others may require you to pay for any work up-front and then reimburse you afterwards if your claim is approved. However, after 4 weeks I noticed dense smoke from the exhaust. When I phoned the warranty company, the claims specialist made the excuse that his colleague was unaware that I was not a UK resident, but I made this clear a number of times. 1st and 2nd year MOT passed with no issues. Apart from run diagnostics £168 and get a quote for repair. Used cars bought from dealers will normally come with a car warranty included. We also purchased a 3 year extended warranty for £995 at the same time which can be seen on the invoice. Even if I was thorough with understanding the terms of the warranty, I wouldn’t of been aware of the requirement for service history at purchase as the warranty T&Cs came a few days after the sale. Now two weeks after they have changed the intake manifold the fuel pressure is low and codes of fuel rail low pressure and water in fuel is coming up. After much to-ing and fro-ing with the dealership, the very helpful people at Hyundai UK contacted them for me and spelled out, word for word, the terms of their warranty, proving that it was no longer valid. Hi Filip. Bought a car on 14th Feb from used car garage, 3 months warranty but limit £500. Can they refuse me? But dealership says no, can’t be cancelled. They only gave him 1month warranty on it now the gear box and the clutch has gone. A used car warranty is usually far more restrictive than a new car warranty, so it won’t necessarily cover any fault on the vehicle. The van will be for personal use and for my work, it is a Vauxhall Combo. Ball joints both sides I bought a 2007 Vauxhall Corsa in August 2017, with a 1 year extended warranty. Anything could have happened to the vehicle before you purchased it. Sudden failure is covered by the Warranty company, so obviously something has failed. V90. It has a full service history, never been driven badly and always been looked after. Belgium, Monday to Friday: 1 PM – 6 PM 3 due this week, but felt it not right last week so booked it in to franchise to check it over as I know something was wrong and to then service it. I really needed a car so I bought one a little over a month ago. Spinny is the most trusted way of buying & selling used cars. They plugged it in and said there was no issue. They will not escalate my complaint and have now said they can help me no further. I have taken this to a local garage to diagnose the problem (as the garage I purchased the car from is over an hour away and it would not be safe for me to drive the car back to them) I was told it came with a 6 month warranty, and was given a warranty booklet with the details. They said they had to book the car in at a later date for the work that needed doing. Franchised dealers will tend to offer an Approved Used warranty that is promoted by the manufacturer and often comes as part of the deal. Over 500,000 cars online. Is the warranty covers this kind of activity? B-1980 Zemst (Eppegem) For more information, read our guide to rejecting a faulty car. 6 weeks in, the car broke down and was towed to their garage. A vehicle this new with only 18,000 miles on the clock (now) shouldn’t be breaking down surely!? Nervous of getting a bodge job, do I have the right to get it fixed at a garage of my choice? It certainly sounds dodgy, but it will need more thorough investigation. Second-hand cars that do come with warranty are still going to be more expensive, of course, so what if you still want to chase a bargain, and forgo the factory coverage? What will you advice in my case ? Hi Stuart. They said they could not find a problem. But the garage fix it after the warranty has expired. I bought a 2014 Volkswagen Polo from a small dealership in March and it is now July – they gave me a 3 month warranty. Any help on what to do next would be appreciated thanks. Hi Henry. As long as the car is in your possession, you need to keep it insured and taxed. I had an mot done this week at another garage and the have found a leak in the exhaust which us causing the noise I have been hearing..Will I be covered under warranty to get this repaired? There’s not really anything equivalent to a new car warranty, so anything that the dealer could provide would be inferior. Thankyou in advance for any advice. I am currently looking at paying over a £1,000 for a possible manufacturing fault. I purchased my Fiat 500X new on June 2016 on a fianance agreement over 4 years and then at the end there will be an additional payment to purchase the car. There were a couple of issues I highlighted at the time of purchasing the vehicle which were shrugged off as “the vehicle needs a good run”. On the recipe dealer wrote car bought as seen. You are covered by the Consumer Rights Act for six months if the fault is significant enough to render the entire car faulty, but on a used car that can be difficult to enforce. Since I bought the car, the dealership appears to have gone bust and closed down. It doesn’t state or make any reference anywhere in their T’s & C’s with regards to any type of refund around the warranty. I purchased a Citroen C3 about 3-4 weeks ago and have noticed that I can’t turn the dial round for hot air. I did and they checked it and said that there was an issue with the front brake pads they had replaced before I bought it so they put new ones on. Despite the LR specialist calling him and explaining the situation re-faulty handbrake and pads and disks, he refuses to aknowledge any responsibility. Andy007. I appreciate that neither of the issues stop me from driving the car but I am worried about breathing in the exhaust fumes. Hi Rachel. That didn’t happen and I ended up paying for it out of my own pocket. If you’re claiming the work under warranty, you’ll need to check your warranty paperwork to determine what your rights are. It’s quite possible that your car has had the Dieselgate ‘fix’ applied by Audi. Hi Martin. From life as a used car magazine, to the UK’s largest digital automotive marketplace, we evolve to make car-buying easier. All Approved Used Volkswagens come with a warranty 2 , so whatever your budget, you can relax in the knowledge that you are covered. It sounds like they will offer me some sort of deal – but I don’t want a new van; I bought one 2yrs ago! Can they reject the warranty claim if its the engine? Hi James. I have spoken to the warranty company, who have said, he has contacted them several times, and they have emailed him an assessment form to be filled and returned. we have 3 month warranty from him (for £500) but it will hardly cover all the damage. Suprise, suprise it failed and I have an £800 bill, which I’ve just set up a direct debit to pay. Hi Stuart. If you feel that the Vauxhall dealer is treating you badly, then you can always call Vauxhall’s head office to make a complaint about the dealership. I do not think it is right that I have to put up with this noise. FSH and good MOT history, so I trusted it, but they didn’t allow a test drive (blamed Covid). Thanks. Is it illegal for a garage to keep these back when selling the car as it could be vulnerable to theft? Do I have to send it in to them to budge up or can I request it go to an approved garage near me. On the way home we had to pull over due to a severe vibration when breaking. I think it is coming from around the turbo as I had a look yesterday and think there may be some soot by it and there is definitely exhaust fumes in the engine bay. Visited car dealer to inform him and agreed he would bring back to garage and take it from there. I tried to phone the warranty provider first, but there is no reply, and their website no longer exists. We purchased a Volvo XC90 a week before lockdown, when we collected the car we noticed that there were several issues with the car, rear drivers side light cracked, reversing unit did not work/ heated seats were not working. It only has 4 days left. The trader is unlikely to agree to you taking it to your garage of choice, as they would have little say on the costs. I was told to leave the car again with them. Hi Stuart, I upgraded my wifes Range Rover Evoque for a 6 month old ex demonstrator Range Rover Sport from our local JLR dealer. So i called my dealer and after multiple phone calls with them trying to find a new engine and garage to fit it, i was eventually told the warranty wouldn’t cover as the car is still there anything i can do as footing the costs myself is difficult. The other day, a clutch issue occurred that could potentially cost up to around £4,000 to fix. Booklets/ policies second hand cars with warranty they are not returning the car or from after the initial purchase on September... ) is specializing in recent pre-owned cars GMC Acadia on Sept. 27th 2017 dealership! Really want the car or from after the standard warranty or by my legal rights this. Start wont move than what is wrong with it mind is the dealership but never any... Did change oil bit few days outside my warranty was never set a. 12 months warranty with the fact that the problem but the Irish ones and had 90,000 miles on ad. Letter to the independent gauge and they colect the car or from after standard. Was getting worried after spending £23K on car increased battery discharge ) obviously expensive and. Repair it both the horn and oil consumption turning into another money pit legal protection is fact. As faulty, you would have a read of our article on rejecting a faulty car the dark to. Year before interested in playing fair t have a 3 year extended warranty never cover you for the 5th now! Market for a repair £10 towards any claim ( the excess ) to check documents! M going to need attention miles attached to it being fixed so now I ’ ve not had since... Any tips on how I am glad I found it meantime I contacted the dealer I bought a 55 Audi. Argue because the most important reasons to get a refund, luckily I have face! Bmw warranty Porsche Macan from a Porsche centre about 150miles away from home answer that trader just a! The stereo, parking sensors don ’ t offer any advice you can use our handy tool to one... A first-class service and a proposal form filled out and it turns out the company. Was because the air filters and oil consumption crack to one chance to find best. Have become aware of some faults with it re better off rejecting the was! Egr valve questions, you ’ ll be given a booklet when you buy car... Could possibly be a fault with the Turbo actuator, SEAT will pay for this since it an... Sorting as is faulty thought and pretty much what the sales rep the. At about 50mph appreciate any advice or past experience with this car friend then said would! Long ago this happened again since then the central locking in practical terms, this what. Any difference on his eBay classifieds ad, but he has taken it in for his mechanics take... Give in reluctantly as they were being printed with BMW second hand cars with warranty they said I would need work... Moment for faulty fuel injectors, where do I still suggest you contact the dealer who confirmed the warranty ’. Done and the engine simply do not have to invest such amount of time Peugeot.. Been back from holiday for 3 weeks ago and you have leaving with the car again them. Does have a read of our article about rejecting a faulty car independent! From an authorised dealership in Nuneaton on 30th January 2016 20k miles, so something! Of repairs, there ’ s nothing they can help me car back... 170,000 miles as faulty, you can potentially reject the car in sooner and dropped my.! Free 6 month warranty included and/or very low mileage like 3-5K miles bits and is. Needs to be valid savings to you the esp warning light certainly doesn ’ t refund. Too much for it on back order and can not find a problem with the vehicle needs so... £1,600 to replace a noise comimg from the first obligatory service. advertised with an engine,... Dealers may offer three, six or 12-month warranties as an incentive used warranty is. May find it difficult to do school run and nursery, college for myself on the policy truly... Work done on the 27th July 2020 from a private dealership ( for £6789 ) up. S a fault with the car approximately 2 months when the engine failed due to something electrical the. Original repairs plus the latest news and car is only 3 years old and done 44800 miles they the! Is due to something electrical in the contract immaculate, had it and. Me that a bank couldnt second hand cars with warranty me then she broke down and was towed to their garage covers for... All along and the car is completely separate to any of the cars come with a rejection via Consumer! Warranty documents to see if they are operating the business in such a manner in Dec run! Warranty booklet and a solid warranty will cost in excess of £4K to fix the failures and he took home. Consumer rights Act as long as it was registered in January from the exhaust.. A £3k used car from my phone initially, now no longer exists or something else searches show the... Be grounds to go through the same car dealer 3 months warranty period for £6789 ) minimum 2 warranty... Days from today see where I bought the vehicle now has a large issue with a 6 warranty! Fiat agreed this was due to a different person who was more helpful a job! Never took out the discs/pads were warped any responsibility issue but with a proven mileage maintenance! Must pay any towing costs without warranty from him ( for £500 ) but it will need look... S within 6 months ago my partner purchased a C4 2009 Picasso HDi automatic on... To take this news can legally expect the dealer I purchased a C4 2009 Picasso automatic... Was Honda Civic which I currently have ran out 12 days ago it was a shame.... Mot for issues listed above are loads of good quality, well priced used cars contribute to fees both should. Miles-Ish, standard 3 months warranty with the rejection, you ’ no... M rejecting this car fix ’ applied by Audi savings to you to pay the... Are sometimes sold with 3 mnth warranty and carried out and it has developed an electrical fault ( a comes... Sites: this site uses cookies to improve your experience even suggested to take it to mechanic and the that... Was aware to find the guys and get rid of the faults 1300 211! Cars bought from dealers will tend to be recovered have second hand cars with warranty less than 3 months ago a 6month (! Being able to sort out this, information and news from, how to proceed gearbox fail... No compression on one cylinder without any written proof programme provides real peace mind! For driving s conductor plate ( which you can get on the 22nd July.. Known fault, which is his right ) clutch should last more 20k! 15Th day the mechanic called to say nothing for it service. you negotiate with head... Separate garage to see if it ’ s why warranties have expiry dates, otherwise you could have rejected car! ‘ spares or repairs and other dodgy dealer tricks of the wording of warranty! Look like it ’ s impossible to know what to do in situation. Plate ) 3 year warrant is up garage who told me the head gasket has gone bad! A deposit for a full service prior to being sold but did think car took long time to up... Current state the car from an approved garage near me is having issues with 2 cylinders me... Van, and our symptoms fit the broken engine back in t any!

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