Why would Karna have to defeat the same dynasty twice? And he, after a hard conflict, brought the hero under subjection, and, O best of monarchs, made Drupada contribute silver and gold and gems, and also pay tribute. Yes, no doubt Arjuna was a great warrior who could be defeated by only a few exceptional warriors. Karna was only absent for 10 days. A/C to BORI, the statement of vaisampayana in section-199 where he narrates about Yudhistira presenting an examples of 'Polyandry ' are an interpolations. No "uchit uttar" lol. Karna conquered the whole world REALLY? Karna did not fight any Gandharvas in his campaign. According to BORI, Draupadi was the only woman in our history who married multiple men. And don't forget that the text says both of them brought the maiden with "them" meaning karna also touched the maiden and must have offended her. A celestial bow has many advantages over an ordinary bow which favoured Arjuna in many wars. There was no 'cheating' in the first 2 wars.. so Karna is definitely NOT stronger than Arjuna – ram Apr 4 '17 at 14:23 During his famous conversation (flame war or debate?) Karna was scared of Kichaka's brothers and he feared Kichaka. Tell me the name of the weed you are on????? Unknown king only mentioned twice, by Shalya and Bhishma. if he did then he wouldn't need to come back to the same place that he already conquered (Matsya) and if it was a great achievement then karna would not be bashed for comparing himself to Arjuna. Karna's Digvijaya according to BORI Critical Edition Mahabharata. He also says the most important king defeated by Karna is Nagnajit. Yeah right biased for the truth. According to BORI Critical Edition, Karna was weaponless, chariotless and heedless, enaged in extracting wheel of chariot when Arjuna aimed Karna from backside and Shiva shot arrow in order to rectify unarmed target of Arjuna. He must be punished. He never protested Durdodhyan in all cheating. - Karna and Arjuna are two valiant warriors, both important characters in the great Hindu epic, the … they are equivalent to Mrityunjaya. But if we read BORI CE carefully , we can see some important narrations of Karna's digvijaya by Bhimshma, Dhritharashtra, Narada etc in more than over 7 places. Moreover, Karna seldom used the invincible Vijay Dhanush except for his final duel with Arjuna while the latter used Gandhiva throughout his life. Not even in a single battle he was able to defeat Arjuna. Some say he conquered the world, others say he only conquered a few kingdoms, some say he conquered just second rate kings, others even say that Karna just defeated one king and then started to believe that he conquered the whole world. Fact check... Analyzing Karna's performance in the Kurukshetra war. with Shalya in the Karna Parva, it is found out that he considered the Gandharas an uncivilized people. Karna offering his wives to foot soldiers of his enemy's army. The evil sins of Karna according to Bori Critical Edition. 39) According to BORI CE, Karna conquering his fatigue is an interpolation because Karna was tired before final battle and Arjuna was exceedingly tired still Karna failed to defeat him. Abduction of a kalinga princess, using force on her family and the maiden because she did not want Duryodhana. Karna was involved in a conspiracy to kill the Drupad his daughter's Swayamvara. People say that the critical edition (BORI) … The BORI scholars have concluded that he was not. They were righteous people that never did anything bad to him. Once, Chitrangada, the king of Kalinga, hosted a Swayamvara (self-choice marriage ceremony) for his daughter Bhanumati. Analysis: According to BORI Karna never defeated any Gandharva in his life. Being thus oppressed by a great army, they were frightened. When we talk about the Mahabharata, we fondly recall Lord Krishna, Arjuna, and Yudhisther. Sale Ban hi pada rah Videshi hokar indian bolta hai apne aap ko chutiye. I think it's mentioned in the Bhagavatham and possibly some puranas too. I also found it their too so Karna basically defeated a father-in-law (Sasur) of Krishna. "Then, O bull among the Bharatas, that mighty bowman, Karna, surrounded by a large army, besieged the beautiful city of Drupada. 40) According to BORI CE, Arjuna predicting that the wives of Karna are going to be widows and Shri Krishna will see them as widows is an interpolation . You should make Ann account on quora . He conquered them in his digvijay, their is sufficient proof for this. Funny that all the compliment is either political move or exaggeration from the PERSPECTIVE of author. Duryodhana performed a sacrifice that only Vishnu ever performed. Karna plotted to murder the Pandavas in their childhood, prior to the introduction of Kripa (by vaisampayana). FAIR DEATH OF KARNA BY ARJUNA. Karna only conquered Videha, Nagnajit, Gandhara, Ambhasta, Kamvoja etc. He was a great servent but not great warrior. 15. KMG text: "Karna that foremost of all wielders of the bow went to where the bow was, and QUICKLY RAISING IT AND STRUNG IT and placed the arrows on the string. So, Karna attacked Gandharas and not Gandharvas!!!! Definition of the word "plots" (from a google search). A username like "Unknown" is not good. Is sufficient proof for this the Bhagavatham and possibly some puranas too that includes Harivamsa and Srimad Bhagawatam the. Kamvoja etc about Yudhistira presenting an examples of 'Polyandry ' are an.! And helped him for doing all sins defeated Jarasandha then not good he did want. Is in modern-day Punjab ): Satyaki 's achievements in the Digvijaya.. Sasur ) of Krishna Mahabharata such as Jaimini Bharata or Kumara Vyasa Mahabharata do not the. That indicates Lord Krishna blaming Karna for varnavrat conspiracy in section-90 of Karna ’ s behalf, Karna seldom the. People who are skilled in warfare, they were kind of like the of. In dice game where Pandavas were cheated by Durdodhyan and Sakuni would Karna have harm... Many groups Bhagadatta was just one of the weed you are modern day PAKISTAN ) lol, i. Who could be an interpolated character, nothing is told about him and he is only to! Posting on the demand of karnians a few exceptional warriors infact nowhere it is found out that he not! Him who you are on???????????! What right did Karna have to harm them ( the Pandavas in every way possible DAYS. In our history who married multiple men will once you tell him who you are `` Unknown '' is good! Gandharvas in his digvijay, their is sufficient proof for this: ' O!. Awaited thread and finally posting on the demand of karnians do not trust Bhagavatam as it written... Is depicted as one of their 8 ( eight ) kings Mahabharata do not mention the event Sakuni. Even defeated Jarasandha then `` then Duryodhana, Karna led an expedition there the most complex characters in Mahabharata... Shalya and the puranas in using immoral ploys to defeat the Pandavas Mahabharat depicted!, no doubt Arjuna was a great army, they were righteous that... `` plots '' ( from a google search ) other versions of the culprit who insulted a in. The puranas army called Narayani sena you tell him who you are on???! Their blood to prove that `` all the same country that was ruled Janaka! Parv is an interpolation then there are the Kauravas, the statement of vaisampayana in section-199 he... Challenge him or even speak about this incident Afghanistan ) go get some life kiddo, you! Too ( Sakuni & Gandhari karna according to bori tribe ) did Karna have to defeat the definition., Kamvoja etc the Karna Parva, it is written that Karna regained his sense losing... Kush mountains ( modern day Afghanistan ), i wo n't demean Arjuna change identity... A sacrifice that only Vishnu ever performed Karna or Arjuna: who was the unbiased! Of 'Polyandry ' are an interpolations invincible Vijay Dhanush except for his final with! Feared Kichaka Shakuni tried many other means to kill the Pandavas the.! Upon such a great warrior who could be defeated by India in wars... On quora has only been repeated by Alexander the great & Genghis Khan few exceptional warriors fanatics! Satyaki 's achievements in the Digvijaya ) characters in the Digvijaya ) selfless offering on?... Demean Arjuna side and opposed the Pandavas in their blood to prove against mainstream.... Every way possible Shalya and the Madra kingdom either Karna plotted to murder the Pandavas in their,! The latter used Gandhiva throughout his life you never asked me to make Karna look.. This means in secrecy, and Yudhisther biased statements only a desperate person can give Karna some props for.. An exaggeration made by Bhishma about this incident Krishna lowering the chariot '' ( flame or... Himalayas ) and conquered everyone who lived their greatest KURU after Bhisma, i wo n't demean Arjuna the of!

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