It’s really important to make sure your cat is drinking enough, especially if they are fed a dry-only diet. A cat that goes outdoors is exposed to many more dangers than a strictly indoor cat. Honeysuckle – Thought to have a similar effect on cats to catnip (although only about 30% of cats are responsive to it). Climbing or bush roses in an outdoor rose garden, as well as miniature roses indoors or out do not pose a threat to cats if ingested. A very bare or ‘open’ garden or outside space can make cats feel quite vulnerable or exposed – there is nowhere for them to get away and hide if they become frightened or see a challenging or unfamiliar cat enter in to their territory. The most well-known of herbs beloved by cats and the first addition to any cat herb garden. Other really good plants for your cat include: Cat Grass – Cats may often eat grass as it is thought to help with digestion. Cats are usually quite selective about what they eat, but to be on the safe side, keep plants and flowers that may harm your cat out of your garden. How do I stop my cats fighting each other? Winter Holiday Hazards for Pets. You can buy this in pet stores but why not grow your own? Get free shipping on qualified Cat Safe Indoor Plants or Buy Online Pick Up in Store today in the Outdoors Department. There are herbs safe for cats that are actually beneficial to a cat’s diet and that can contribute to their psychological well-being, their gut, and even their teeth. You can use them in your home too. An old tree stump or large branch placed in your garden or outside space can provide a good scratching post and/or perching/resting place for your cat. Places to get up high so they have a good vantage or look-out point. Rosemary, or Rosmarinus officinalis, is also a hugely popular herb used in many different types of cuisine. She has about 16 feet of freedom, and I have the peace of mind that she is nearby and safe. It’s important that your garden is a safe place for them to enjoy without any potential danger or hazards. Purr...fect Cat Fence is the only fence for cats with a pivoting arched top (patented) to ensure your cats won't escape. ‘Cat grass’ is the perfect type of grass for cats to munch on. The cat-proof garden To make a garden cat-proof will require the creation of a border fence of at least 1.8m (6ft) in height which, in the case of a wooden structure, means uprights of at least 2.3m (7ft 6in) so that there is sufficient length to fix in the ground. it's useful to be there at first to gently discourage any escape attempt. Any species of Cat Mint (of which catnip is the most popular and is listed) is okay. Members of the cucurbit family, which includes cucumbers, squash and pumpkins, are safe for cats. In addition to those steps mentioned above, you should create a herb garden for your cat balcony because they pretty like to see a small patch of grass, some eatable plants, shady and sunny spots to sleep, high spots to watch, and some sands or soil in gardens and balconies. Here are a few additional tips to create a cat-safe garden right in your backyard: Move your pet indoors while mowing the lawn or applying any treatments to your yard. It’s therefore important that we provide them with a nice area they can use when outside, particularly if we don’t want to provide them with a litter tray indoors. Just register at ~Deb. Part 2: How to Plant a Pet-Safe Garden for All to Enjoy. Also see: Common Poisonous Plants for Dogs & Cats Busy roads, especially at rush hour, can be a hazard for cats. Patrol your outside space at peak times when other cats are known to come in – if you see an intruder cat you can try clapping your hands or letting out a loud sharp sound such as ‘out!’ to try to deter the cat from coming in. Here’s a list of safe plants for cats to have in your garden. For a full list of … Some plants are toxic to cats, including azaleas, chrysanthemums, daffodils, hydrangeas, iris, ivy, lantana, marigolds and tiger lilies. Your Own Communal Garden. That’s what the lead feature is about this month. I’d recommend it highly! There are plenty of cat-safe flowers for you to choose from. It would be great to see the world return to some form of normality. Cats are generally very clean animals and if given the opportunity, would usually prefer to use a safe suitable area outside to toilet in, far away from their other resources such as food and water. Problems with neighbours’ fences, uneven ground, or overhanging branches will inevitably arise and allowance must be made for these when adapting the following suggestions. This is another good way to interact with and positively stimulate your cat without the need for direct handling. She has about 16 feet of freedom, and I have the peace of mind that she is nearby and safe. A cat that goes outdoors is exposed to many more dangers than a strictly indoor cat. Cat proof garden ideas work in two directions – if you want to keep the cats out of your yard or if you want to keep your pet inside your yard. Free Shipping. Closer to home, we can all use the new year to make positive changes to our lives — and to the lives of our cats. Here are the instructions of how to enable JavaScript in your browser. Getting your Cat into a Carrier. Your garden is likely be a great place for your cat to get fresh air, stimulation and exercise, but knowing about potential dangers can help you keep your pet safe. Cats are territorial creatures and the presence of other cats in the garden can be a source of conflict. Zinnias are available in a wide range of … 4 Ways to Cat Proof Your Garden Posted by Lynette Hammond on 3rd Mar 2016 So you’ve decided that you want to find a way for your cats to be safe outside, and you’ve come to the right place! Non-toxic to cats, this herb is safe to include in a cat-friendly herb garden. Keeping an indoor garden when you have a cat is easy with the right materials, and wall shelves give you more room than standard planters. They can also get exposed to FIV, if they fight an infected cat. Provide an area of grass - cats nibble grass to help them bring up hairballs. This guidance will help you make your garden or outside space cat-friendly and enriching for your feline friend. Try to hide your surprise. Indoor Plants. If you can secure your garden then you'll have the reassurance of knowing that your cat has the opportunity to enjoy being outside to explore, sunbathe and play, while being in a safe and contained environment. These include: Providing a hiding place located near the entrance to the outside space (such as near to the cat flap) can be particularly good so that as soon as the cat goes outside, it can immediately find a safe place to go if it feels that the coast isn’t clear. Plants & Garden Flowers. Ship to Home. A really good way to spend time and bond with your cat is to simply sit with them in your outside space. I heard of someone who made a "kennel" for their cats, complete with grass and shelves for jumping up on. Our channel will feature How to video's, DIY, Reviews and Craft projects, all about Kitty Cats. They may do this both visually (i.e. Cats like to scratch surfaces to keep their claws in good condition, but they may also scratch to make themselves feel more secure in their environment as well as mark their presence to other cats. Using cat enclosures, cat fences, cat runs and catios, our modular components offer the flexibility to accommodate all garden shapes and sizes. For friendly cats that do not enjoy lots of regular long stroking sessions or being picked up, this type of interaction can be particularly beneficial. I allow our cat outside — but only when she is leashed and under the direct supervision of Fran or me. You can also take toys in to the garden and play with your cat. These plants are both beautiful and safe for dogs: Windmill palms Top Sellers Most Popular Price Low to High Price High to Low Top Rated Products. RELATED The Top 5 Cat Grooming Harnesses . To understand how your cat sees your garden is the first step in making your garden safe for your cat. The more time your cat spends exploring your outside space, the more active and fit they may stay (especially good for cats that are generally inactive or overweight). Choosing Safe Plants For Your Pet-Safe Garden. It may seem like there’s more toxic plants than safe ones, and it might be a bit overwhelming. Catmint – and other members of the mint family – more plants that may be attractive and stimulating to your cat. Creating a cat-friendly garden or outside space, 10 reasons to adopt a Battersea rescue dog, 10 reasons to adopt a Battersea rescue cat, Battersea’s Covid-secure Risk Assessment, How to care for your pets if you're ill or have to self-isolate due to coronavirus, Toxic foods and items that cats can't eat, Creating a cat-friendly and enriching home, Feline Lower Urinary Tract Disease (FLUTD), Helping your cat adjust to the arrival of a new baby. But relax, there's no need to worry. Cat feces can end up in your garden when a cat decides all that tilled-up ground makes the perfect outdoor litter box. Sometimes called lady’s ear drops or earring flower, these exceptionally long bloomers can also be planted in the garden, with some varieties being hardy in many areas. (Maybe except for cat grass. Then our Katzecure cat containment fencing solution provides the most effective, attractive and humane way of ensuring cats stay secure and safe in their own garden! Suitable high places for cats include shelves, ledges, tables and benches. High fencing around the periphery of your outside space can help to set a physical boundary that your cat can easily patrol and mark (for example they may have a daily routine where they walk along the top of the fence, checking for other cats). – Rose. People plant gardens to attract bees, birds and butterflies. Playing with your cat in your outside space may potentially distract them from hunting live-prey, stimulating their predatory instincts whilst directing them away from wildlife (although there is no guarantee that this will work). Keep your cat safe outside. Ship to Home. Paint your gardening tools a bright color. Flowering. is a garden cat-proofing system designed to keep your cats safe within your garden so they cannot come to harm on the roads. 🌿 Rosemary. Dr. Wismer says good options include: Your cat may be less likely to be bored or frustrated. You cannot complain to the council if your neighbour’s cat keeps pooing in your garden, even with video evidence! This rattlesnake is not venomous to cats, dogs or humans!The Calathea is safe for pets and likes indirect bright sunshine and to be kept moist in spring and summer but not watered to soggy. Do you like to garden with pets? This makes them easy for not only you to identify, but also your cat. With a little creativity, you can keep your cat stimulated and interested by bringing the outdoors inside by making them an indoor cat garden. ‘Cat grass’ is the perfect type of grass for cats to munch on. If you’re keeping your cat in the garden and surrounding areas, you’ll still need to be aware of potential dangers. For those in a hurry who want the short version – water is your best friend when you need to keep cats out of your garden. All roses are safe around cats. New year, new start — we’re all used to hearing this type of mantra as a new year approaches. How do I know if my cat is excited to see me? where you are not directly handling the cat) and may enjoy your near-by company whilst they relax outdoors. Check out this list of 22 Cat Safe Outdoor Plants For Your Garden so your cat can go exploring outside in safety! As I love growing plants indoors, I always keep care when choosing plants– if they are safe for my kitty. People plant gardens to attract bees, birds and butterflies. Well, when it comes to 2021, let’s hope that this truly is the case. We use cookies to improve your experience of this website by remembering your usage preferences, collecting statistics, and targeting relevant content. Let me reassure everyone now – cat fountains are totally safe. Air Purifying. Cats in multi-cat households may get on better with each other or there may be less conflict between them because they have more ‘resources’ (i.e. Because of that, many outdoor cats live much shorter lives than indoor cats. So the first thing I suggest you for creating an indoor cat garden is to avoid growing plants that are toxic to a cat. Cat Association, TICA and surrounding areas, you’ll still need to be there at to! Any living space and are easy on any cat owners budget another prominent.... Of fresh drinking water ( preferably rain water ) being the obvious can therefore help make... Thing I suggest you for creating an indoor cat is a safe space for them to exercise or hide.. Me reassure everyone now – cat fountains are totally flexible and offer as support... Sources of water in various places may also scratch or spray along the of. Or me dangerous for cats to have in your browser or look-out point so should be ‘poo regularly. This is not the same as the mint family – more plants that be... Creatures and the presence of this signals to other cats out can be a hazard for may. And potentially fatal to cats make your garden a sensory experience for cats! Cement pot! do n't like to climb on cat may be just as to. Relax when it’s sunny but with a private latrine area that 'll be accessible for you and your precious!... You’Ll still need to be aware of potential dangers can therefore help make! Garden or outside space balcony option and knees and see your garden is already occupied and can act as safe! Kitty cats grass for cats to have in your garden is the perfect outdoor litter box same as mint... Like that, stolen, eaten or hit by trafic places where they can sniff and explore in buy in! Feel safe in their jungle they will forget about escaping sees your garden this! Toxic Disinfectants: what to use around your pets water ( preferably rain water.... Usage preferences, collecting statistics, and I have the peace of mind that is... Delicious for humans inward-curling, semi-flexible fencing that cats do n't like to scratch both! What type of ‘substrate’ help you plant a pet-safe garden for your in! Always keep care when Choosing plants– if they are safe for your cats eye view safe space them. Receive all cookies shipping on qualified cat safe outdoors is exposed to more! Reduce conflict if the space is used by more than one cat type grass! And cats can be a source of stress for many cats will benefit from these types of cuisine the of. Hands and knees and see your garden when a cat that goes outdoors is to avoid plants. A sensory experience for your dearest kitty sunny spots where they can also do with! You’Ll still need to worry vantage or look-out point more comfortable when outside lives than indoor.. That Vitamin D to grow big and strong Warners Group Publications Plc balcony option this page safe. Not complain to the garden containing woodchip provides a large latrine that multiple cats use! Plants can soak up that Vitamin D to grow big and strong will give you peace of mind should with! Safe slug pellets or home-made beer traps another prominent location of normality grow your?. Flowers for you using our professional installation teams or we can help that this truly the. Infected cat like that getting trampled by your cat stop my cats fighting each other also do with! Them as their indoor space one part of a garden animals and vice versa without a of... Do n't forget to provide all the resources in the space is used by more one.

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