Vigorous and blooming freely all season, this Petunia is perfect for the front or middle of flower beds. »Spaced and pinched during production to give you the best quality and fastest finish » Reduce 4.25 Grande™ crop time by 2 to 3 weeks vs Standard 84 » ®Extensive list of SUPERBELLS®, SUPERTUNIA , & SUPERBENA® Liner Size 72 count - 6 Strips of 12 count Sold as 72 count Superbells (Calibrachoa) look like tiny petunias, but there is nothing tiny about their show-stopping color from spring until fall. 4-Pack, 4.25 in. Supertunia petunias and Princess and Knight sweet alyssum are just two of many examples of genetically superior annuals that reliably deliver an improved garden performance. Likewise, the alluring scent of sweet alyssum may be equally sublime across all varieties, but some bloom longer than others. It is good in both landscapes and containers. The tiny flowers cover the foliage and Calibrachoa hybrids share the best traits of hybrid petunias: long blooming, no deadheading, and weather tolerance. Single, double, mini, Vista, or Mini Vista™ Supertunia® are light years ahead of any other petunia on the market today. The Supertunia series is vegetatively propagated, meaning it is grown from cuttings and does not grow true to seed. They have small flowers. Superbells®, Supertunia® & Superbena® Flowering Timing Chart; Search this site: Question? Be inspired with our Gardener's Idea Book and Winner's Circle® newsletter. Grande Supertunia Bordeaux (Petunia) Live Plant, Purple Flowers Supertunia Bordeaux from Proven Winners has Supertunia Bordeaux from Proven Winners has soft purple flowers with a deep plum throat and veins. Apr 15, 2019 - Explore Ann Stevens's board "Supertunias" on Pinterest. Supertunia ® Bermuda Beach ™ Petunia 2. Pleasant View Gardens is a national supplier of young plant liners and finished plants to wholesale growers, garden centers, and landscapers. The floribunda 'Madness' series that was introduced in the 1970s had grandiflora-sized flowers and multiflora weather tolerance. She has published short stories, essays in anthologies and periodicals. Often referred to and grown as annuals, petunias (Petunia spp.) May 13, 2014 - LOVE THIS COMBO! Arkansas, AR, South, Natural ... Supertunias and Superbells Purple and White Pinwheel Petunia. The flowers are smaller, about 2 inches in diameter, but more prolific, and they hold up better against rain. And it's the home of Proven Winners, Proven Selections, Proven Harvest, Savor Edibles & Fragrants, and ColorChoice. To create an idea board, sign in or create an account. Calibrachoa (Million Bells or Superbells) look like tiny petunias, but they are an entirely different species. Bahama Beach (2015 National Recipe) Superbells ® Lemon Slice ™ Calibrachoa Laguna ™ Sky Blue Lobelia Supertunia ® Bordeaux ™ Petunia 7. It is very vigorous and quite trailing. You can use plants for edging, as well as bricks, stones, short garden fencing, and other weather-proof materials. They are the largest Supertunias both in height and width. Get Local. COMMON NAME: Petunia SuperBells and MillionBells SCIENTIFIC NAME: Calibrachoa (hybrid petunia) GROWER HINTS: Calibrachoas are a hybrid type of Petunia from Japan. Supertunia Trailing – Supertunia Trailing petunias are very strongly trailing, with very little height. Supertunia Mini Vista petunias are mounded, but will also spill over the edges of containers. If you happen to have great drainage in your landscape beds or utilize raised beds, then Calibrachoa will do find when planted in the landscape. Supertunia petunias and Princess and Knight sweet alyssum are just two of many examples of genetically superior annuals that reliably deliver an improved garden performance. Wave petunias make wonderful groundcovers and trailers for containers. Petunia 'Supertunia Vista Bubblegum' is a semi-upright to cascading annual or perennial boasting masses of slightly fragrant, bright bubblegum-pink flowers, 2 in. Supertunia® Vista petunias are very vigorous, with mounding habits that can reach up to 2 feet in the landscape and will trail over the edges of baskets and containers up to 4 feet by the end of the season. across (5 cm), from late spring to the first frosts. There are also hybrids of grandiflora and multiflora petunias, which share qualities of both types. Grandiflora petunias have the largest flowers, but the flowers get pummeled by rain, turning to a mushy mess that makes them unpleasant to deadhead—and they will need to be deadheaded if you want them to continue blooming.