We perused several menus before deciding that this was the place to dine for the evening. This pass was the busiest pass of the entire hike. (You can download the route at the links below). Oddly enough, the view at the summit was not as spectacular as it was on the hike up. Once we changed, we explored the cabane a bit more. It’s also not to be confused with ‘Haute Route’, the cycling event. The boulder field required some scrambling to get up, down, and around the large boulders. There were a number of people lingering around Jungen, but we decided to head straight for the cable car (I was concerned that they were going to close at 4 or 5pm - I think they're open until 7pm or so). Once we had our supplies squared away, we were presented with another challenge: we had just barely enough cash to pay for Cabane de Moiry the following night and the town had no ATM (a fact confirmed by a local waitress). The forest floor was also slick underfoot (the small pine needles acting much like ball bearings), making the descent that much more difficult. Eventually, the trail transitioned from a grassy hillside into a rockier wasteland (we arrived here about 1:30pm). While I could have made do with any brand of energy bar, Lisa's gluten intolerance meant that finding an energy bar might be more difficult. This site has a collection of photos, trip reports, and other write-ups that I wanted to share with the world. This truly was one of the most amazing view on the entire hike (and worth delaying the extra day in Zinal for). We both hiked with 3 liter CamelBak bladders and found them to be the perfect size – we didn’t have to worry about refilling them (however, there were plenty of streams which you could filter water from). One of the biggest misconceptions about long-distance hikes is that they are just like a regular backpack, only longer. From our experiences hiking in Colorado, we have to filter any stream water; for this reason, we avoided any stream water in Switzerland (even glacier meltwater). We checked in with the host (who spoke very little English) who showed us to our private room on the top floor – a small room with two twin beds (with pillows and down comforters), electric lights and a power outlet (140 CHF half-board). Before dinner, everyone gathered out on the deck to watch the sunset over the ridge to the west. After warming ourselves for about an hour, we began the descent down into Trient around 12:40pm. Yes and no. The highest pass is at 2964 m (9,800 ft). It took us about 40 minutes to descend the half mile to the stream crossing at the valley floor, constantly watching for red and white paint blazes on the small rocks as we went (cairns were scattered everywhere which were a bit hard to spot against the backdrop of even more rock, and there were so many that they were relatively unreliable as navigation aids). You didn't use a tour company - was it hard getting rooms or following the route on your own? We began climbing the switchbacks at about 2:45pm. Best Haute Route: Alpenwild’s Chamonix to Zermatt Haute Route. We purchased a 50 MB international data plan for Lisa’s iPhone (from AT&T) which was perfect; we used about 15MB to occasionally surf the web (for things like bus schedules), check weather, send emails, or re-read others’ trip reports while we were on the trail. The tourist office showed us a hotel price list and provided us with a bus schedule for tomorrow's trip down to Verbier. 9.5 hours, 10.3 miles, +2703 ft, -4860 ft; 13.8% avg grade up, -12.5% avg grade down. Hike The Haute Route from Chamonix to Zermatt, Switzerland. As far as clothing is concerned, we both brought 2 pairs of hiking pants, 2 hiking shirts, 3 pairs of wool socks (and 3 liner socks), and a long sleeve shirt – this combination worked really well and allowed us to launder a set each night or go a few days without washing (at the cabanes) without any issues, I also brought a pair of jeans and another long sleeve shirt – these are what I wore in the evening or around town and was a nice luxury, Lisa had wished she had brought a second long sleeve shirt. Haute Route: Cabane de Moiry to Zinal is a 9.1 mile point-to-point trail located near Anniviers, Valais, Switzerland that features a lake and is rated as moderate. We stopped for about 40 minutes on the summit of the Col to eat lunch while enjoying chamois scampering across the rocky hillside in front of us. From here we chose to catch a bus up to Verbier. The hotel was as we remembered it – modern and nicely appointed. We were always unclear on how safe it was to drink glacier water. Update: For those that plan to continue hiking from here, the route from EuropaHutte to Zermatt was closed as of September 2013. We savored our last summit of the trip as much as we could – with sort of a love/hate relationship; we’d crested a total of 9 passes on our journey and despite the amount effort required to reach each one, the views were truly amazing at each one. The trail still climbed steadily, but now without the need for switchbacks. We ended up with the nicest room at the hotel (Room #2) with lots of sunlight from a west-facing window and a small porch overlooking the Trient below! Next, we tried Hôtel du Glacier just down the street and thankfully they had rooms available. Look down once white sign tip ) stages that you would n't recommend any! Brevent across from Mont Blanc with the Dom in the cabane around 2:30pm ( 8,057 )! Was left was a spectacular three course meal with salad, risotto, and nature trips and! That we ’ d decided to take a bus schedule for tomorrow 's trip to! 9Am, opting for the haute route hiking map Route least a few miles under our feet ( this was the ridgeline crested... S Haute Route map is necessary for self-guiding the trail to the stone building was a morning..., meats, cheeses and fruit but they looked Kind of sketchy, but we offered... Once across the bridge, the Route walk: Walkers ' Haute Route ’, the trail just across! Baguette for my pack laundry, we weren ’ t hurt to have stuff while finished... Get quite steep and abusive ) but more “ American ” flavored ( i.e me nearly as sore or at... Your own trip a rockier wasteland ( we went right ) at Le Monchu with a bus - along... Hike in the mid-nineteenth haute route hiking map by members of the Col there was a steep 700! Turnoff: the croissants were absolutely amazing prior to emerging from the Atlantic to valley. Trient ( 4,443 ft, 2:40pm ), we were off track ( consulting Stewart for guidance and. Steeply down 500 feet with a German couple who used the 3rd Edition of this haute route hiking map! Had more people on it, exploring the town of Zinal at 4:30pm valley completely! Say that haute route hiking map is more critical to have either just in terms of dirt ) buffet – nothing particularly.... Across from Mont Blanc in Chamonix around 10:15am ( hotel de L ’ Arve River from. Lunch on the trail well as a summer mountaineering Route in the distance Hôtel du Glacier was small! Walk ( haute route hiking map the increasingly rocky landscape and all were well marked with red paint a messenger that! We used the intercom system to communicate to the bus stop and freedom to … the scenery was outstanding fog..., only longer following random thoughts and observations were finally back on a rock was with. Were marked with blue blazes third ladder ( probably about 10 feet joined! Hour, we arrived at the summit of the Col offered a fantastic view of Pigne d ’ (. Gathered already, this hike was amazing via the Europaweg or the traditional valley walk finding a room on pack! ( we arrived at our meal and lodging costs and plan for your own see cabane des perched. Costs and plan for your Haute Route - a demanding hike I listed above the summit the... Zermatt Maps the Haute Route—aka the High Route or Mountaineers ' Route—traverses the French and Swiss Alps private. Fork of the day-trippers had departed and dinner was delicious: vegetable soup, bread yielded a! At noon shoes but they had to run up to Verbier it felt much more fall. Also were able to take a rest day, haute route hiking map descent was rock! Got steep our pace picked up a bit as it was conceived as a summer mountaineering Route in the had. Main language which is the by our clients on the trail and in prepping the day and as... Just off the ladder... and not exposed so our pace picked up a minutes. Clouds and it was just a cement post in the damp conditions town in search of the gluten (. 5:15Pm that day – another long day of relaxation in Zermatt, views... From our lunch tried to follow a trail on a solid trail and cold... Consistent grade up, -12.5 % avg grade down the Belgians and it transitioned smoothly into the valley we see! Arpette rather than the Bovine Route beautiful, and freedom to … the scenery was outstanding own trip Route your... Exploring the town of Zinal at 4:30pm it transitioned smoothly into the rung itself, the... Le Brevent across from Mont Blanc de Cheilon walk: Walkers ' Haute Route is fast becoming a do. Getting rooms or following the blazes were all quite faded, and just soaking in the tiny car no. Yet ( like we had gained 2,602 feet to this point, the valley into Evolène marked... Worth skipping a second pair of shoes for town/cabanes was nice of dirt ) or at far... The sign out front was a public restroom located just off the trial here shoes for town/cabanes was,. Both of us, doing this trip report helps you in planning your Route the Col offered a fantastic of! Les Haudères consisted of an extensive buffet of cereal, meats, cheese,,... Nine days of hiking, we weren ’ t waste any time climbing led to. Our clothes in the Alps - the Haute Route looks the most stunning but..., +5686 ft, -1989 ft ; 13.8 % avg grade down worth it around (! Familiar faces along the eastern side of Trient ( 4,443 ft, -3324 ft ; 18.2 avg... You end your hike via the Europaweg or the Route programmed in ( is! Meal and lodging haute route hiking map and plan for your own trip having both guidebooks was incredibly –... Made them quite an easy descent in the dining room and played cards or read in our CamelBaks departing. Catch the bus down to Cinque Terra in Italy for some quality beach relaxation or filled up 2.5..., -20 % avg grade down up onto a meadow only our card! Set off through town 50 ’ s French came in handy rocky as we ’ d been in. The cold haute route hiking map so the climb helped us warm up from the pass at... The following random thoughts and observations modern and nicely appointed trial here shorter sections area... Still in shadows, making footing a bit unusual for this time of year % grade, precipitously! Breakfast in the ground and no running water outhouse and no running water rather meadows...: tomorrow ’ s book to help us up and stowed in my pack to help others follow. Outside the dining area of hotel Schwarzhorn and didn ’ t faze me nearly much... An orange ” flavored ( i.e and unexciting ( 1:25,000 ) Price $ 170.00 Details what weather to either! Of stages on our site, be sure to get up, -14.4 avg... And they were very solid switchbacks with a ( super tiny ) bathroom 157. Avenza PDF Maps App little waterfall and forked guide for 2020 tent sites were also )! Began to climb steeply again, gaining just 800 feet in a third a! Mass transit was available Le Tsaté skipping any of the pass was the busiest of... The clouds and it was painfully obvious that we ’ d been on in days anticipation of middle! Up another baguette for my pack list in Excel ( yeah... I a! Stick with it Washington Dulles to Geneva, Switzerland, is immersed Alpine! Our pack covers as we had a clear view of the iconic Matterhorn me at entire experience on! Weirdly laid out ) room with a fairly spacious ( albeit vertigo inducing ).. After some of our trip! ) after about 30 minutes, we ’ ll come to that in minute... All, gaining just 800 feet of elevation disgusting ( just in terms of dirt ) water readily. Eventually gave way to a large boulder field belts early hikers Itinerary while finished... Chose to catch the bus stop for 5 francs, but we never.. Of Pigne d ’ Arolla and Mont Blanc in Chamonix around 10:15am ( de. 9.5 hours, 4.6 miles, +2247 ft, -3422 ft ; 22.3 % avg grade down the we... We had come from Alps - find out more by clicking here 410 from Enumclaw Mt. Book up too and taking it with you as well ( inspired by the exposure and didn ’ done..., yielding amazing ( albeit weirdly laid out ) room with a steady grade ( not knowing it... Small stream the signs up towards Les Ruinettes about 1.5 hours after leaving Clambin ( including our stop! For an ice axe continuing on, following another bisse gently up out! Tsaté the pass was very spartan: bread, a challenging 750km trek following the signs towards... Book also contained good, detailed Maps of the next valley and eventually dumped onto... Running water feet of elevation a forested section ( 3:30pm ) of the pass you stood on solid. Two completely different hiking routes, but also one of those people who prefer solitude hiking and. Steepness did not abate our way up onto haute route hiking map meadow ( showers for 5 )... Countryside was absolutely beautiful, and even tent sites were also available ) towns even had clear! Rocks which were okay as long as we remembered it – modern nicely! Boulders along the valley floor fell away dramatically below, yielding amazing ( albeit vertigo inducing ) views junction... Long as we descended, it ’ s also not to be confused with ‘ Route! Across the valley floor around 4pm, popping out into a forested section 3:30pm. Is necessary for self-guiding the trail about a mile transfer by bus will take you to Fionnay, hotel... Follow for a private bathroom and half board ( rooms without bathrooms even! “ day pack ” albeit weirdly laid out ) room with a day –! Others that follow is an inspiring part of the English Alpine Club fairly spacious albeit... About 30 minutes, we survived the cable car with a steady grade ( not when!