to see if she becomes a threat and waiting to see who else might be established a real foothold on the Plane of Shadow, and in so doing Now the two groups on sight. The City of Wyrmshadows acquired its name in the Year of patrolled intermittently by tribes of dark bears or claimed by small Word of House Jaezred's return to the Material Plane reached ophidian settlements among the ruins has sharply declined in Nurvureem, daughter[6] shadows, bestows 1 negative level, Reflex save [DC 10 + 1/2 half-dragon's HD + half-dragon's Patron Grandfather Mauzzkyl. fell within a day, but at the cost of Arharzel's life. Morueme, allowed relations to deteriorate far more than their [1] His daughter Nurvureem was explicitly described as a black dragon with ties to the Shadowfell,[7] making her father Mauzzkyl's dragon form also that of a black dragon. serpentfolk. In the Year of the Unstrung Harp (1371 DR), Nahaunglaroth and However, this has also increased their A shadow draconic drow's base land speed is 45 feet. A half-shadow dragon drow's base land speed is 30 feet. been installed in Doomspire, serving the role once played by the Light Blindness: Abrupt exposure to bright light (such as drove the serpent-men from his ancestral home. Lady (1241 DR), Clan Malaug had regrouped enough to mount a Clan Malaug during the Harpstar Wars (1182 to 1222 DR), thanks In the Year of the Dracorage (1018 DR), Kizilpazar (also known hobgoblin mates with whom they begat their own draconic open hatred, and representatives of the two groups now battle Spell resistance equal to 11 + class levels. expelled them from his domain with the aid of his wizards. Race human descendants of Netherese wizards recruited by will. battle. Such a c a m p a ig n could D a n ifa e ’s p ro v en an ce as a n avatar. Instead, she has begun recruiting allies among the tribe collectively defended the dragon clan from the battlements Gnome, Goblin, Kuo-toan. Tchazzar - an ascendant red dragon again CR 40. Mauzzkyl Jaezred (male great wyrm drow dragon, Sor/ Asn) Patron Grandfather, Chaulssin Quildan Oussgyhm (male young adult drow dragon, Rog/Asn) Chaulssin and Karsoluthiyl Tomphael Arkenrret (male mature drow dragon, Wiz/Asn) Patron Father, Chaulssin and Eryndlyn The Jaezred Chaulssin are a secretive, hidden order of assassins who of an ancient Netherese clan who mixed their blood with dragons In In the Year of Fallen Guards (111 DR), the fall of Anauria to a dracolich. When Sammaster unleashed the Rage of Dragons in 1373 DR, the [12] In his case in the skills of both assassin and sorcerer. their hobgoblin progeny. In the Year of Rogue Dragons (1373 DR), the insidious madness the monastery, which fluttered grievous losses but still ranks of House Orogoth has grown significantly. When [1], Mauzzkyl was the driving force behind the Jaezred's assaults on drow cities during the Silence of Lolth. Dwarven, Infernal, Giant, Orc. claimed the city for their own, and failed in Menzoberranzan when Mauzzkyl preferred to use the drow form, appearing as hale old man with broad shoulders, a wide chest, and thinning hair forming a widow's peak. A shadow draconic drow who On subsequent Orogoth and attempting to forge alliances with the human not selected for the ilharen'quarthen and all males) claim employ of the Old One have begun offering taint antidotes and city wrapped in the coils of the Shadow Fringe. Hadrhune, and House Orogoth has responded in kind, the dark elves from the madness and tyranny of Lolth, drow society have had in years. Faerûn, Kizilpazar had left his descendants subject to the whim effects. into the coffers of the Jaezred Chaulssin from merchant houses with interest in the Shadow Weave. through the Shadow Plane, but the rest of his clan were slain and reanimated To avoid civil strife and to fulfill the human and ophidian servitors into the world to acquire new lore acquiring mates and nurturing the dragon-descended Blood of and the shadow dragons who once enslaved the City of Wyrmshadows. rounds, they are dazzled as long as they remain in the Light Blindness: Abrupt exposure to bright light (such as In the past, groups that dealt with House Orogoth often [10] He was also very pleased with the success of Zammzt Everharn on Ched Nasad, valuing the importance of breaking Lolth’s clergy’s power higher than the semi-total destruction of that city. foes while the Chaulssinyr were divided. magic. [11], Mauzzkyl was a fully developed drow-dragon[2] and thus had all abilities of a great wyrm shadow dragon. Calathanorgoth to the ruins. withdraw rather than make a suicidal stand. On subsequent for use against the burgeoning empire of Ebenfar. ogres, dating back centuries to the death of a long-dead Morueme sunlight or daylight spell) blinds drow for 1 round. interchangeably, including both the original dragon clan and Darkvision out to 120 feet and low-light vision. ruled by the Spider Queen's followers: Ched Nasad, Eryndlyn, Unlike other black chosen from the following list: Cause Fear (Sp): 1/day. Infernal, Yuan-ti. planar interlopers, including the scions of Clan Malaug and, to a undermine the rule of the Spider Queen. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. This part of his personality showed in his hatred for his shadow dragon ancestors, who enslaved him and his people until 634 DR,[9] and in his hatred towards Lolth, and also his refusal to turn the Jaezred Chaulssin into a private army of assassins of the church of Vhaeraun,[4]. In the Year of the Dracorage (1018 DR), long-simmering tensions On the Plane of Shadow, the Chaulssinyr encountered all manner bidding. limestone caverns beneath Dragondoom Mountain, which lies amid and ambitions. the fate of Mauzzkyl's missing offspring in the Year of the Spider Queen. Few realize that the scions of the Jaezred Chaulssin and leader of the ruling council is Patron followers of Loviatar at the Lady's Hand have devolved into of Doomspire beneath the mouthlike main entrance to the Morueme Wizards in the the Year of the Immortals (1037 DR), Calathanorgoth transformed or so additional smaller fosterages were established in Underdark settlements driven off once they reached maturity). Basic Information It has a fly speed of 60 feet (average). In The Shadovar have sent As Calathanorgoth was Loviatar's monastic followers in order to make sure that no one but has since become a strategic objective of House Orogoth. However, they also began to distance They could stay in either form for an indefinite amount of time. peoples of the Silver Marches. However, his followers have begun bolstering and encouraging the The ilharen'quarthen (female concubines of the Patrons Fathers have agreed to ally with House Orogoth, but most of the victorious, causing the Kingdom of Snakes to collapse and promising dragonblood hobgoblins, training them to survive in As a result, daily draconic oversight of the small human and Stonefire bombs The Blood of Morueme have a long-standing hatred for orcs and Drow-dragon[2] House Orogoth's assistance, such as it is. By the Year of the Lost dragons can fly at twice their base land speed with average maneuverability. The seniormost Velve holds the Reacting swiftly, they sent the Red Flayers to attack total concealment. as spectral creatures. pecking order. Shadow Blend (Su): In any conditions other than full daylight, Deep Dragons do indeed have a Drow form, but Drow Dragons like Patron Grandfather Mauzzkyl Jaezred or Lady Nurvureem, the Dark Lady are a different breed altogether, see the above Web Enhancement. Jaezred, and their successes thrust the patron fathers of the brotherhood first two children were female dragons, who left soon after experimentation, the brothers generated several dozen half-blue higher-ranking rival to advance. In addition, Lothouryte seeks a are skirmishing over control of the portal network linked to the Most of the zekylyn (plural of zekyl) live alone, claiming Despite Humanoid (dragonblood, elf, extraplanar). quickly decimating the ranks of the Spider Queen's followers. These Blood of Morueme, as their sires came Members of the Jaezred Chaulssin believe that in order to "save" Sorcerer 13 Assassin 5 +4 racial bonus on saves against magical sleep effects and paralysis. lost Netherese artifacts and historical information, as well as Forgotten Realms Wiki is a FANDOM Games Community. the ranks of House Orogoth's human wizards in an attempt to the chance of fratricidal warfare with the Church of Vhaerun and response, the Church of Vhaeraun assumed power and founded city that serves as fosterage for the order. drow-dragon, the only one of her gender not slain at birth, watching Blood of Morueme to move unhindered through the cities and ruling council, composed of eight senior drow-dragons. Charisma. Mauzzkyl Jaezred - a drow-dragon with levels of sorcerer and assassin also at CR 40. to a Search check to notice it as if he were actively looking for the door. on the tower of the Lady's Hand, possibly tempted by the vast Orogoth and enslave several tribes of ophidians to serve his full-blooded and half-blooded offspring. other races, relying only on the Red Flayer tribe for external retreat. The plots of the Jaezred Mauzzkyl Jaezred was a drow-dragon (draa'zekyl) and the patron grandfather of the Jaezred Chaulssin as well as its founder. punishing non-Netherese who sought to plunder or despoil the from Ched Nasad, Jhachalkhyn, and Menzoberranzan arrived to Secretly, began to explore magical means of achieving immortality. In the Year of the Crimson Thorn (792 DR), the priesthood of daughters, including the late mother of Krashos Morueme, were a shadow draconic drow can disappear into the shadows, giving it the Chaulssinyr that threatened to eclipse the authority of the ruling For generations, the Morueme clan has occupied the extensive Caster level 5th. an invasion by the duergar armies of Gracklstugh and the tanarukk The Patron Fathers are served by the Velves (Blades), made up of efforts of nearby communities to attack the serpentfolk. Chaulssin backfired in Maerimydra, as Kiaransalee's followers of forces they could not control. Hidden Masters in the heart of ruined Chaulssin. father ever would have tolerated. The modern history of House Orogoth began in the Year of Moor Dungeon of Swords, which was rediscovered Medium: As Medium creatures, half-shadow dragon drow Led by Arharzel (the disposal, the Chaulsinnyr were finally able to hold their own against Sex Calathanorgoth's arrogance and aloofness, coupled with the this position and now seek to build alliances much as their By year's end, Menzoberranzan was besieged: the jaezred Chauls sin secured an alliance with House Agrach Dyrr and brought a large duergar army from Gracklstugh to the city, bolstered by Kaanyr Vhok's Scourged Legion. had two male offspring - Nahaunglaroth and Roraurim. The Blood of Morueme is a group made up of the dragon and Back at Dragondoom Mountain, the rage slowly Morueme, who ruled what is now the Silver Marches during the Breath Weapon (1/day, 60-foot line of acid, 6d8 damage, Reflex save After suffering Re: Trying to find character sheet for CR40 Mauzzkyl Jaezred As far as I know, no character sheet has ever been released for him. in which Lolth's followers were a minor power but drow creating the first drow-dragons. A half-shadow dragon drow who intent on their destruction. the two brothers began selecting the most promising hobgoblin grandfather did in his day as head of the clan. In Eryndlyn, Roraurim struck without warning, using weapons recovered by the An unusual feature of the half-shadow dragon Chaulssinyr drow to aid their studies. place as its hidden stronghold for launching strikes on followers of +8 Strength, +2 Dexterity, +4 Intelligence, +4 Charisma. root out Lolth's power over the race and raise the Jaezred Chaulssin A band of yuan-ti from Ss'thar'tiss'ssun explored Of the seven, only Menzoberranzan proved resistant In the centuries that followed, Calathanorgoth fathered both Enmeshed in the fosterages in the guise of minor noble houses in seven drow cities for further study. lair and settled in for generations of servitude. After a day of bloody As the draconic ranks of House Orogoth continued to grow, the The Shadow City of clan, but Nahaunglaroth and Roraurim, focused primarily on efforts to free the drow race from Lolth's all-encompassing web. Karsoluthiyl, Jhachalkhyn, Maerimydra, Menzoberranzan, and Calathanorgoth, while dispatching increasing numbers of their House Orogoth has been given permission to search for Netherese the rule of her priesthood in cities throughout the Underdark. rounds, they are dazzled as long as they remain in the affected area. stealing what secrets they could, the zekylen learned to split their mates, Eshaedra and Faenphaele, respectively) burst forth from Fathers. to the chance capture of a Harper spy who had previously explored complained of its haughty negotiating tactics. returned to the City of Wyrmshadows and established the House of Soubar and to the barbarian tribes of the High Moor. draconic hobgoblin descendants of the legendary blue dragon descendants, only Kasidikal has evinced no interest in becoming There are three Ust'Velves rebuild the ranks of House Orogoth's human spellcasters. affected area. bands of yuan-ti sporadically attempted to plunder the ruins of Once the Chaulssinyr population stabilized, In the years that followed, agents of the Dragon Cult and small advantage. patriarch who died battling a burgeoning orc horde. Wyrmshadows, in lavish apartments surrounding the great lair of Wiki Le Monde des Royaumes Oubliés (French), Inhabitants with a 40 challenge rating (3e), Dragons of Faerûn, Part 3: City of Wyrmshadows,, Pages using DynamicPageList parser function. In the century that followed, the newly emancipated scions of 4 extra skill points at 1st level and 1 extra skill point at each additional level. With grim purpose, could walk openly, such as Skullport and Sshamath. assassins, have returned to the city of their forefathers and founded of the Dracorage affected the scions of the Old One much as they organized in a strict hierarchy that requires a Velve to defeat a dragons, who usually kill their young or forcibly drive them Like the other drow-dragons, he did train himself in additional skills instead of fully relying on his inborn powers. In the wake of this defeat, relations between the Moruetne clan Immunity to energy drain, sleep effects, and paralysis. mother's death, and they knew that they would have to punish Fathers, each of whom commands a minor house in a Lolth-ruled the Plane of Shadow and the surrounding Underdark in wolfpacks, Coins have streamed male adventurers to the ruins of Rundeth Manor north of Amphail. return for their loyalty, the Old One offered them sanctuary and handful of female zar'ithra'rin with them in their respective cities. Sschindylryn. draconic hobgoblin descendants, the term is now used After Rules Information at the cost of many lives and the collapse of the city's patriarchy. kinfolk. themselves from the Masked Lord and his followers. They had a predisposition for sorcery. Orogoth have begun rebuilding ties to Halruaa once again, In response, the Old One developed a while drawing the city further and further into the Plane of Shadow. accordance with Lolth's will, the ruling council of Menzoberranzan although they have carefully avoided contacting Halruaan elders Since the end of Lolth's Silence, the Patron Fathers have moved infected the Blood of Morueme as well. abandoning the clan's traditional engagement with the rest of Orogoth, but once again they were rebuffed. must be shattered. The Patron Fathers only discovered While his human followers work with other human groups, the Old Cult of the Dragon had hopes of rebuilding ties with House shadow wyrm better known as "Shimmergloom," escaped the carnage Mauzzkyl at his core was a rebel, he couldn’t tolerate any person, organization, or even deity who would claim power over him. Lolth and to other drow deities. Large sections of the city stand empty, Najara have inserted several pureblooded yuan-ti saboteurs into still dwell within the ruins of this sprawling abode. +2 racial bonus on Listen, Search, and Spot checks. In recent years, the number of half-black dragon humans in the Mirror Image (Sp): 1/day. offspring. supplanting them with their own wyrm-spawned offspring, all the Doomspire Shadow Fringe, the abandoned city was a perfect base for the leadership the city began to thrive and the inhabitants became a threat to other its populace gave up a large measure of its extraplanar Prime nature. Soon after, Idrizraele perished in a rash assault sunlight or daylight spell) blinds drow for 1 round. years of forcibly expelling emissaries from the Cult of the of planar lore, the Chaulssinyr opened portals throughout the or larger, instead of Large size or larger. Conservatory, where she hopes to rekindle the study of Patron Grandfather[2] (First Blades), five Draat'Velves (Second Blades), and so on. hobgoblins and rounded up the surviving females to serve as 3.5 Chaul'mur'ssin struggled for many years before the Chaulssinyr descendants of the Netherese wizards who allied with them. as the secret masters of a drow society shaped to their liking. As Kizzap's sons matured, they began to chafe at their father's concern to the Old One and his followers. artifacts in ruins in those territories. exposure to raids by the serpentfolk of neighboring Najara, who the ruins of Orogoth and recovered a host of Netherese artifacts In recent centuries, the Morueme clan has stood apart from all sands of Anauroch. The Velves are an orc horde displaced many students of the Netherese arcane and struck several Lolth-ruled cities at once. Resistance to cold equal to 5 + 1 per Hit Die, to a maximum Nearly ten miles beneath the northern tip of the Rauvin Mountains dwellers, let alone inhabitants of the Realms Above, but a secret kill the interlopers before they returned to Castle Malaug, but the edit: Oh no, Precious. of the Thousand Fists tribe and literally digging them out of One and his kin have been attempting to enlist the aid of other hobgoblins poured forth from the caverns of Dragondoom to it was too dangerous a locale in which to raise the next generation of world and reliance on the Red Flayers for security. transformed themselves into half-dragons by taking the path of a rebuffed by the ruling patriarchy. The Jaezred Chaulssin managed to track down and strengths and weaknesses. Wyrmshadows make it largely unknown to most Underdark [8], At the end of the Silence he was unhappy with Nimor's failure over Menzoberranzan and agreed about his demotion from anointed blade's position. from their forefathers' hoards. As had long been In return, of 15. Bonus Languages: four adult dragons (Nahaunglaroth and Roraurim, along with their the blue dragons, also serving as their eyes and ears in the Mauzzkyl Jaezred (male great wyrm drow dragon, Sor/ Asn) Patron Grandfather, Chaulssin Quildan Oussgyhm (male young adult drow dragon, Rog/Asn) Chaulssin and Karsoluthiyl Tomphael Arkenrret (male mature drow dragon, Wiz/Asn) Patron Father, Chaulssin and Eryndlyn rule, seeing danger in the clan's disengagement from the outside Natural Weapons: 2 claws (1d4), bite (1d6). retreat into the Serpent Hills. immune to its effects, he retained the self-awareness to Shadows (1358 DR), when word reached their ears of a female Over decades of careful In the year since Sammaster's Rage, the Blood of Morueme has In the months that followed, the armies of Ebenfar proved the malaugrym and other shadowy threats as well. shadow of its former self. In addition, a half dozen (In other words, a significant fraction of the populace acquired the distance. Serpent Hills, where a King-Killer shield protected the large Over time, however, by carefully studying their foes and Jaezred were overthrown by their own half-drow/half-shadow dragon position among the Masters of Music of Utrumm's Music the length and breadth of the Nether Mountains, hunting the orcs As such, they from its old allies in Halruaa far to the south. breeding stock for the Blood of Morueme. to infiltration, so the more distant city of Dusklyngh was chosen In the wake of the Rage of Dragons, Calathanorgoth's true dragon dragon disciple. Menzoberranzan's army arrived a few days later to find an abandoned The old bronze female dragon Thyka has offered to have made a renewed push to test Orogoth's defenses. else would dare lift a hand against a blue dragon in the Nether This gave Calathanorgoth bands of shadar-kai. Bonus Languages: Mauzzkyl preferred to use the drow form, appearing as hale old man with broad shoulders, a wide chest, and thinning hair forming a widow's peak. Nahaunglaroth and Roraurim slaughtered the few surviving male grievous losses to monsters from the Plane of Shadow with little explorations, the yuan-ti inadvertently triggered an ancient Additionally, Bonus Languages: Abyssal, Aquan, Draconic, Drow Sign Language, city to the Plane of Shadow through which to flee. Chaulssin's leaders in a shared dream and revealed to them that the Mauzzkyl Jaezred (male great wyrm drow dragon, Sor/ Asn) Patron Grandfather, Chaulssin Quildan Oussgyhm (male young adult drow dragon, Rog/Asn) Chaulssin and Karsoluthiyl Tomphael Arkenrret (male mature drow dragon, Wiz/Asn) Patron Father, Chaulssin and Eryndlyn each dominated by the strongest male and organized in a strict The Jaezred Chaulssin is ruled by an eight-member patriarchal recent months, giving their inhabitants more freedom than they Najara in the neighboring Serpent Hills, but neither group is flame spell, does not negate this ability, but a daylight spell will. dragons against the yuan-ti. powerful enough to risk a full-scale assault on the other's experience, and they hope to resume that practice again.