Best-known for being Rihanna's favourite perfume, this is a syrupy gourmand that smells like cream soda, fluffy marshmallows and clouds of candy floss, blended with a glug of sensual vanilla. Awesome Sweet Smelling Vanilla Perfume. The rest is mostly synthesized. This species is native to Mexico and is more commonly known as Bourbon vanilla or Madagascar vanilla. Now, in case you don’t know… Angélique is French and translates to Angelica – a discreet plant with small flowers, that has a sweet biting green herbal vibe. This has good projection… but it’s not one of those room-filler fragrances. And it smells DELICIOUS. It's unlike anything I've ever smelled before, and the compliments have been coming in hot ever since I added it into my regular arsenal of fragrances. Also, the side of the bottle looks like the spine of a book with the name of the scent. ", Key fragrance notes: lavender, amber, tonka bean, iris, dry wood, and incense, Key fragrance notes: rose, violet, pink and black pepper, and musk, Up next: Wearing This Cult-Loved Perfume Brand Practically Guarantees Compliments. The vanilla is not sugary sweet, it’s a thick dark vanilla. Synthetic vanillin is made from various raw materials, but today the majority is made from guaiacol or lignin. In fact, vanilla perfume is so sensual, the spice was once considered an aphrodisiac. This is grown in Madagascar, Indonesia ,Réunion, and other tropical areas along the Indian Ocean and makes up about 80% of the worlds production of vanilla. Key fragrance notes: pear, raspberry, apricot, jasmine, and Rose de Grasse, Key fragrance notes: black amber plum, pink pepper, Japanese violet, and patchouli, 9. Buying Guide for the Best Sandalwood Perfume available online in 2020. This is a deliciously smooth and velvety perfume that's sweet enough to feel elegant and lovely but complex enough not to feel basic or like anything you wore back in junior high. Guaiacol is a fragrant liquid obtained by distilling wood-tar creosote or guaiac. It’s like a creamy vanilla mixed with a burning wood vibe. Vanilla absolute is the most concentrated form of vanilla and is used in very high-end perfumes and cosmetic products. Lavanila Women’s The Healthy Fragrance. . Sexy, addictive and comforting. Super versatile: This is unisex and more suited to the mature 25-up crowd. I've been astounded at the attention it's garnered at the office when I spritz it at my desk. The House of Matriarch use the highest quality natural fruit-based ethanol to create their fragrances. Now that vanilla is becoming more recognized for its complexity, we've put together 10 of our vanilla-based favorites. Now, in case you don’t know…. Key fragrance notes: black pepper, juniper berries, leather accord, orris, violet, black amber, patchouli, and vanilla. Have you tried any of these? It’s deep, it’s rich, it’s inviting and incredibly sexy. Great. Fragrance Notes: Top Notes- black coffee and white flowers Heart Notes- Vanilla Absolute Base Notes- floral accords Longevity: 9/10 Sillage: 9/10 Budget Friendliness: 6/10 This perfume from Yves Saint Laurent is a highly addictive perfume that has been designed and created keeping luxury for women in mind. Like a good book – these scents are meant to inspire you. $48.00 $ 48. In choosing a vanilla perfume, make sure that you choose the best vanilla perfume. (By the way, if you love jasmine be sure to check out our best jasmine perfumes list.). That is the true mystery how to create thrilling fragrances.' These are not cheap. I happen to love what Lutens said of this specific fragrance: "To paraphrase Freud, it's not the evil who are full of regrets, but the good. When it comes to great perfume products, you can rely on Victoria’s Secret to provide you with that. Learn how to choose the best vanilla perfume for yourself👍. . Choosing a reliable brand is essential while buying the best vanilla perfume. Once picked the mature bean, shrivels and turns black. The elegant glass bottle comes with an individually handcrafted wood cap engraved in Barcelona. So, they all have to be hand pollinated by the grower using a small splinter of wood within 24 hours of it opening. Apparently, they use a Tahitian variant of vanilla… grown on a small family farm in Maui, Hawaii – that’s been aged for 3 years before going into the fragrance. And Velvet Vanilla does not disappoint. Acqua Di Parma Blue Mediterraneo Mandorlo Di Sicilia Eau de Toilette Spray, 5 Ounce – Almond and vanilla are paired to create a warm and lightly enveloping aroma, that has a sweet candy-like quality. Tahitian Vanilla is high in heliotropin – which gives the vanilla a beautiful fruity floral vibe and is considerably more expensive than Bourbon vanilla. It’s yummy sweet (but not overly sweet)… and smells luxurious, warm and sexy. Serge Lutens Un Bois Vanille Eau de Parfum, Key fragrance notes: beeswax, caramelized benzoin, bitter almond, gaiac wood, tonka bean, absolute of Mexican black vanilla, black licorice, sandalwood, and coconut milk, This vanilla from Serge Lutens is so supremely decadent and divine. This labour-intensive process can take up to thirty-four months depending on the desired results. Berlin Burberry Dolce & Gabbana Frankfurt Germany Hamburg Health & Beauty Jo Malone Munich. The opening is quite harsh (to my nose) …So give it a few minutes to calm down… and let the magic begin. Lignin is a class of complex polymers that give woody plants their structure. Vanilla Planifolia. Vanilla Bourbon comes from Madagascar, an island in the Indian Ocean, which is considered to be the biggest producer of vanilla, as they produce 1,000 tons of pods per year, Comoro Islands and Reunion islands. Memoirs of a Trespasser opens up slightly smoky, with a sweet boozy vanilla vibe and some woods. (Speaking of… make sure you also check our best Tom Ford fragrances list.). Alien Essence Absolue opens up with a thick syrupy sweet, smoky boozy vanilla vibe – with a touch of jasmine. The resinous woods and vanilla continue into the dry down and you get a deep earthy note with whispers of incense. I feel like people in L.A. don't like to ask "what are you wearing?" Tihota is not a complex scent and has only 2 notes – pure vanilla bean and soft white musk. Jo Malone Vetiver & Golden Vanilla Cologne Intense, Key fragrance notes: cardamom, vetiver, vanilla, and grapefruit. We love that this hand-crafted fragrance uses natural ingredients, including pure, long-lasting essential oils. But it gets better…. El Born is not a powerful projection monster, it’s a subtle scent that sits closer to the skin (but projects well for the first few hours). We’ll now present you The 9 Best Vanilla Scented Perfumes For Women: 1. Stay with me…. 'Private Blend is my own personal scent laboratory; where I create special, original fragrances unconstrained by the conventions of mainstream scent-making.' Below, I'm sharing the top 10 fragrances I'm currently obsessed with and which never failed to earn me compliments from strangers and loved ones alike. The very same man who created the masterpiece L`Air du Desert Marocain – a highly regarded creation in the fragrance community. They also come with prices to match. is the newest, chicest, most important line of fine fragrances you need to know about. Van Cleef & Arpels are a French luxury jewellery, watch and perfume company. Carner use a high-quality Madagascan Vanilla Absolute – which is super expensive. The orchids flower only once, never to reopen again and live for less than a day. The word Vanilla is derived from the Spanish word Vaina, which translates to Little Pod. The French name Vanille Insensée translates to Insane Vanilla – a fitting name. An enchanting and mysterious niche perfume in which the balsamic sweetness of vanilla and tonka bean is complemented by the sensuality of animalic notes.  Let’s break it down…, Dior Addict opens up slightly green and sharp… But don’t let the opening put you off – wait about 15 minutes and it transforms into something MUCH more enjoyable. With a red and round bottle, it carries some semblance with the mythical forbidden fruit, the apple. Learn more. Prepare for a bouquet of vanilla, caramel, warm woods, and spicy aromatics as you explore our definitive list of the best perfume for women, the sexy and seductive edition. This is best for cooler weather: fall, winter and cool spring nights – and more suited for the mature sophisticated crowd (suggest 20-up). This is a subtle fragrance that doesn’t scream out for attention. Key fragrance notes: musk and honeyed neroli, Key fragrance notes: citrus, rose, jasmine, white musk, and vanilla. Don’t judge the fragrance just yet… give it time to develop on your skin –  it transforms into something MUCH more enjoyable. We just went coco-nutty researching and testing 83 different coconut scented perfume from all different price points (both designer & niche) and whittled them down to a manageable top 12 list. Sweet Sexy Vanilla. And the best ingredients you can get. 'Perfume as a work of art is a transmitted expression on intimacy. See more ideas about vanilla perfume, aesthetic, super rich kids. There are many vanilla perfumes in the market, and this makes it difficult to choose the best for you🤔. 'Nature is the ultimate luxury.' The growers have to inspect their plantations daily, a time-consuming process. Go easy on the sprays with this one ; 1 – 2 sprays MAX …and you’re good to go. This is more for the mature crowd – suggest 20-up. What do you think is the best vanilla perfume? When it starts to dry down… the spicy pink pepper starts to fade, and you get a floral, slightly powdery, sweet boozy vanilla soft tobacco vibe with a hint of patchouli in the background. They can be boozy, they can be sweet, they can be smoky, they can be powdery, they can be floral, they can be fruity, they can be spicy and even a combination of these. Cardamom Vanilla was launched in 2020. …And even get some love from the world’s best known fragrance critic, Luca Turin – biophysicist and co-author of the book Perfumes: The A-Z Guide. Do a review on top 10 sexy beast mode masculine perfumes?? Perfect for dates, special occasions, romantic evenings, nights-out and even casual. This is super unique and extremely addictive. Half calming and soothing CBD roll-on, half sexy perfume, Midnight Toker is a genderless scent with notes of nutmeg, vanilla, amber, and black pepper. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Indult commissioned world renowned master perfumer Francis Kurkdjian to create Tihota… and he did not disappoint. Angélique Noire opens up with a blast of a bitter-sweet green herbal note with hints of pear and some powdery vanilla sitting in the background. A warm and sweet blend of vanilla, chocolate, … Scroll down to see (and shop!) Other perfumes I love from Yves Saint Laurent: Key fragrance notes: lavender essence, orange blossom, musk accord, Key fragrance notes: strawberry, raspberry, bergamot, pear, orange flower, jasmine, white peony, patchouli, white musk, cedarwood, crystal moss, 6. It quickly starts to settle… and dark rich creamy boozy vanilla comes into play, with some dark smoky nuances and woodiness in the background. Nice. 1-16 of over 10,000 results for "best vanilla perfume" Lavanila Pure Vanilla The Healthy Fragrance. When transferred into a perfume, Vanilla serves to be a purely seductive and addictive fragrance. It gives off a slightly sweet dry dusty vanilla vibe with hints of jasmine and vetiver with a slightly woody undertone. No surprise here. This perfume takes a single-note approach by focusing on heavenly, pure Madagascar vanilla, so all you smell is the scent you're searching for in the first place. Leaves a beautiful scent trail… and as it’s an EDP, this is super long lasting – hangs about for up to 12 hours. Let’s find out…. Vanilla CO2 Extract is premium quality and possesses the deep, rich, creamy aroma of vanilla and is far superior to synthetic vanilla fragrance oils. I've always been a Lancôme stan (in addition to Chanel—my mom wore a few of its staple scents), so it's a warm and fuzzy line of fragrances that is only punctuated with this new debut. Lavanila’s Pure Vanilla perfume, part of its “Healthy Fragrance,” line is our top pick for a vanilla perfume. In fact, it still has a hint of the original Alien DNA – but with some added sweet creamy sexy vanilla. This is unisex but leans slightly feminine and best for fall and winter usage. I realize describing a scent as "intoxicating" might sound dramatic, but I'm seriously so addicted to this enveloping mix of black pepper, leather, patchouli, and vanilla, which, in retrospect, is pretty amazing since I would never classify myself as a lover of peppery scents. A trustworthy brand will leave no scope for disappointment, and you can easily find the best vanilla perfume review about them on the internet. Whether you like it mixed with smoky accords or plain sweet and musky, this selection will definitely be enjoyed. Hypnotic Poison by Dior. Since we respect your right to privacy, you can choose not to permit data collection from certain types of services. Vanille Insensée opens up with a blast of fresh sparkling citrus and vanilla – with whispers of coriander spice and some woodiness in the background. Perfect for dates, nights out, special occasions, clubbing… even casual use. I'll always love unapologetically sweet scents, but now my tastes have graduated to fragrance blends that are warm and woodsy or grounded with spices, leathers, or classic florals. It’s super addictive and garners a LOT of compliments. And you need time. HUGE compliment getter. The sweetness is balanced out perfectly with the citrus and woods. It's ambrosial, warm, sweet, creamy and alluring (just like you'd expect our goddess, Ri-Ri, to smell).